What types of clients does Walsh Writing serve?
Walsh Writing has helped a variety of businesses, consultants, nonprofits, and individuals, including the following:

- Managed care and pharmaceutical consultants, like
SViewpoint Consulting, Inc. and Managed Market Resources
- Training specialists in the healthcare industry, like Informa
STraining Partners
- Clinical research organizations, like Chesapeake
Research Review, Inc. and Clinilabs
- National healthcare organizations, like the Cancer Treatment
SCenters of America

- Contemporary magazines, like Office 21 and Urbanite
- Marketing organizations, like Smith Content, Inc.
- Book publishers, like BrickHouse Books, Inc.
- Innovative teachers, like Jacqueline Keane, and global
Seducational organizations, like Laureate Education, Inc.
- Nonprofit organizations, like G.B. Charities, Inc. and YorkArts
- All types of entrepreneurial and creative individuals, like
SBrad Sachs and John L. Herman Jr.