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Dictionary Search:
Categorized definitions, plus a reverse dictionary—for when you can't get that word off the tip of your tongue

Great Books Online: Reference texts and poetry, fiction, and nonfiction quotations

What can I do to improve my writing?

- Clearly define your audience and your purpose before you
start writing.
- Allow enough time to let your writing rest for a few days, so
Syou can review and revise with a fresh perspective.
STake a break.
- Have someone else read your document, to identify any
Sweaknesses—and any typos.
- Read. (Discover some of Carmen’s favorite books.)
- Hire Walsh Writing to do it for you!

Why should I hire Walsh Writing?

- Even the tiniest mistakes in your writing can destroy your
Sproject's chance of success.
- You can receive valuable feedback and a fresh perspective,
Sbefore your target audience ever sees your material.
- You can spend time on other (important, fun, relaxing)
Sactivities while Walsh Writing works on your behalf.
- Walsh Writing brings the academic training and business
Sexperience to ensure the success of your project.
- So the question is really this: Why NOT hire Walsh Writing?